Best Website Landing Page Builder – Instabuilder

The whole game of online marketing techniques has changed drastically in the past 10 years and marketers trying to improve both quality of their service/product and promotion strategies to compete with their rapidly growing competitors. Even we offer some high-quality products or services it’s quite hard to convert a targeted visitor into a buyer without having well written eye-catching content. Whether you’re selling a simple weight loss eBook, reputation management service or some kind of recurring membership program, you need to have an impressive landing page to attract your visitors to your product or service by lowering the bounce back percentage. That’s why optimized landing pages play a main role in successful preselling and increased sales. There are hundreds of landing page generators available on the market and I have personally used near to 20 of them. In this post, I’m going to put my review on one of these awesome landing page creators, Instabuilder.

If you want to see a quick video demo on using the Instabuilder plugin to create a nice-looking professional landing page without reading the whole review: see the quick demo.

What is Instabuilder?

Instabuilder is a standalone plugin designed to works with the well-known WordPress blogging platform. We all know that the ultimate dream of any online marketer is to create professional high converting landing pages. Without them, our conversion rates are going to suck and cause a negative return over investment. With this simple plugin, it’s possible to create great looking landing pages within few minutes of work without any coding knowledge or designing skills. The problem I faced with all other landing page designers was we have to manually design our page layout since the graphics and page templates comes with them look really basic and will not help our website to stand out from the competition. But with Instabuilder, it comes with bunch of professional templates and a nice set of graphics with lots of customization options. You don’t need to be a web designer or to spend hundreds of dollars on professional web designing services to create unique and nice-looking LPs anymore.

Just Another WordPress Theme?

Now you may think it is just a clone of a similar one named Optimize Press. Actually, it’s not! Since Instabuilder is a Plugin and not just a theme like optimize press, you can use it to create landing pages on any of your websites without making changes to the existing site designs or themes. So it’s definitely better compared to optimize press. You can just upload the plugin in your WordPress plugins directory and start making customized landing pages. As it comes with a good amount of video tutorials and live-chat support, both newbies and experienced marketers can use it without any hassles at all.

What Can I Do With Instabuilder?

Instabuilder can be used to create squeeze pages, sales pages, video landing pages, sales letters, viral content lockers, custom Facebook pages, and many other kinds of landing pages within less amount of time. It comes with 50+ professional templates that can be adapted for your business. Also, the integrated split testing module makes it easier to test and find best-performing versions of your landing pages without manually creating multiple landing pages or rotation scripts! That’s the thing I like the most in Instabuilder. In most cases, it only takes me about a week to split test and find the best converting landing pages for my websites. It’s a huge time saver compared to the traditional manual split testing process.

The Admin Panel

Well, it comes with 8-tab control panel with lots of customization options. Here is a screenshot of it.

As you can see, here are some of the features of the Instabuilder WP Plugin.

  • Plenty of built-in backgrounds with the support of using custom backgrounds.
  • Multiple Opt-in Options (Single Opt-In, Double-Opt-In, Social Opt-In like Facebook login, Viral UnLock Opt-In).
  • Ability to add social comments (Disqus and Facebook comments).
  • Integrated Social Sharing Options.
  • Customized Exit Redirects.
  • Viral Unlock Downloads (like Facebook like lock, they can see your content only if they liked or shared it).
  • Ability to Include Custom Scripts like Google Analytics.
  • Automatic Generation of Mobile-Friendly Templates.
  • Dynamic Cache Generation to Reduce the Consumption of Server Resources.

Wanna See A Demo?

The price when I bought the plugin was $47 but I think they will raise it again since they already increased it two times within few months after the official launch. It first came as a $17 WSO. 🙂 If you’re interested you can click here to purchase the plugin.